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Our product is unique but still relies on the natural abilities of Silver: Our silver product is well researched over years ,it is made from different types of silver which is combined in a special process to produce a four valence Silver product (Ag4+®) the isolated ions are electrically active i.e."Activated Silver" the Silver ion is then added in a special proprietary process to petroleum jelly BP , mineral oil BP or Carbomer gel,depending on the application.The activated silver compound is powerful yet completely safe and is more effective than colloidal silver.The (Ag4+®)compound will not stain skin and is not light sensitive ,years of research convinced us of its effectiveness to inactivate fungi ,viruses and bacteria.Micro-organisms are becoming increasingly resistant towards antibiotics.Antibiotics are excellent but they remain mainly effective against bacteria ,Silver is multi spectrum and effective against bacteria,fungi,viruses,yeasts,protozoa and even algae,this makes Silver a formidable germ fighter .We believe that Silver should be re-investigated .Those skilled in the art will know that It is the Silver Cation that is the most effective and particularly multivalent Silver,such Silver can only be made in a sophisticated laboratory and not by electrolysis which produces colloidal silver.Colloidal Silver is mainly Silver particles and low valence (1+)ions only,it is useful for certain applications.Our Activated Silver(4+) are pure high valent ions only which are active and safe and slowly released where needed .The product can be of low concentration (30-50ppm) due to effective multivalent ions. Wondersilv may be helpful to relieve discomfort caused by skin conditions such as Diabetic Ulcers,post operative incisions,bedsores ,dermatitis,boils ,eczema,acne,herpes,psoriasis,shingles ,blisters, superficial burns,sunburn,scratches,rashes,insect bites,nappy rash,lacerations etc.,a truly versatile product. The effective type of Silver is the Silver cation or positively charged ion,our silver is oligodynamic and exerts a electrical charge which electrocutes pathogens during redox reactions, the cation binds to DNA and other ligands(sulfhydral groups) of cell membranes and cell walls of pathogens to effectively neutralise or inactivate them, it is effective because it attacks on more than one front so that micro-organisms cannot develop a resistance to its activity which is often a problem with antibiotics.This is truly a remarkable product. Silver has been known for many centuries to have medicinal properties,the Egyptians, Babelonians,Aztecs,Greeks,Romans and people like Pliny,Paracelsus,Hippocrates knew this very well,they stored their water,wine,vinegar and milk in silver jars.Aristocrats ,Kings etc.all used silver plates ,cups,spoons and other silver eating utensils.During the Bubonic plague these people did not get sick,later on they realised that it was silver in their bodies which helped them.People gave their children silver spoons to suck on ,the saying"he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth "originated there. Before the discovery of antibiotics around 1928-1940 ,silver was the number one germ killer. To this day you will find silver in wound dressings ,hospital burn care units etc. even washing machines and toothbrushes now have some kind of silver in it,medical implants are coated with silver and colloidal silver is used in the water supplies of airplanes and the space shuttle.Water purification drops for the adventurer who may come across doubtful water sources will use silver drops. Please research the papers of: Russel & Hugo 1994 Landsdowne 2002 Bowler 2001 Hoffmann 1984 Wright 1999 Montes 1986 and many others,please do your own research and always consult your Doctor before embarking on any modality